​​Exercise Target

     By utilizing exercise targeting, assessment, instruction, and evaluation, a personal trainer can design an exercise program and fitness prescription which will improve an individual's personal health and state of wellness.

Personal Trainer/OWNER


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Mike De Luise

Greater Washington, USA   |  +1.5402726797  |  exercisetarget@gmail.com

​     Personal Training is best described by the trainer.  My name is Mike.  Mainly, I guide workouts with individuals who are concerned about their fitness abilities in terms of maintaining their athleticism, various physical qualities, and/or their relative health risk status as they age.  Also, I work with individuals who are engaged in sport-specific physical activities such as jogging, tennis, soccer, football, golf, basketball, SCUBA, etc., and seek an extra edge in terms of performance.  I am insured and certified.  I have been serving clients for over four years at my Chevy Chase location just one block from the Friendship Heights Metro Station.  Please call today!