​​Exercise Target

Wellness Happens

...and corporate wellness happens when the corporation's members, often simply known as 'the employees,' begin to take care of themselves with regards to their health.  If only real life were as simple as this sounds.  Most likely such a catharsis would take more than an intervention.  Probably, it will need to include a well-conceived process with veritable data collection techniques that can be used to impact the health care costs the corporation spends on employee health insurance premiums.  This is necessary to cover the costs of the process keepers, the corporate wellness gurus, a.k.a. the exercise target specialists.  As long as the process of enfitnessing employees is carefully considered, assessed, monitored, etc., the process can be 'checked off' as the checklist items are met,  Better yet, the corporation saves money on the bottom line even as the fitness gurus get paid.