​​Exercise Target


     ​Personal Training from Exercise Target Fitness costs $120/hour, by the hour, and if the trainer must meet you outside of our facility, then additional travel expenses may need to be negotiated.  Some sessions will cost less.  These can include initial health screening and risk classification sessions.  The reason for the high cost of training is that education is expensive, and must be ongoing to fulfill the demands of the certification agency.  Also, CPTs are fully insured with professional liability insurance prior to every client intake.

​     Through the use of group training and discounted session packages, most programs can be achieved at a lower cost.  Please contact us to find how we may be capable of working with you to reduce or defer payments.  Perhaps, a payment plan for services is possible. 

     Text, call, or email mike@exercisetarget.com, exercisetarget@gmail.com, (540) 272-6797, or (202) 823-2935, today, and ask for Mike.